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A selection of prints and maps illustrating Hormuz .

The 17th Century map indicates the bell shaped island of Hormuz (‘Ormus’) at the Strait of Hormuz, the islands of ‘Larequa, Queixome’ and ‘Anga’ with sketches of the various fortifications including ‘Feitoriados Igrezes’ and ‘Comoram’ on the Persian mainland. To the left of the map, with north lying to the right, is a rugged brown depiction of the Musandam Peninsula with six outlying islands, one named ‘Ascalimas’ and the other ‘Cabodemo·Nsandam’.

A plate in Braun-Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Cologne 1577, gives a stylised view of Hormuz. The town and the wind towers are prominent but there does not appear to be any indication of the fort.

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Hormuz as pictured by Correia, Lendas da India (reproduced in Cortesao e Mato, Portugaliae)

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Elevation of the old town of Hormuz drawn by A W Stiffe showing the fort on the right and the minaret to the left

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Bird's eye view of Hormuz island from Astley's collection

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Map of Hormuz island from the survey by A W Stiffe

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Map of Hormuz by Petrus Bertius 1602