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Satellite Images - Sinai and Red Sea
The following satellite images were taken from Challenger and are produced courtesy of NASA.

Photo ID: sat33
Near East area as seen from Gemini 11 spacecraft during its 26th revolution of the earth. The United Arab Republic (Egypt) is in foreground. Triangular-shaped area is the Sinai Penisula. Saudia Arabia is at upper right. The Mediterranean Sea is at upper left. The Gulf of Suez separates Egypt from the Sinai Peninsula. The Red Sea is at bottom right. The Gulf of Aqaba is body of water in right center of photography separating the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula. The Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Jordan and Israel are in top center of picture. Iraq is at top right edge of photograph.

Photo ID: sat34
United Arab Republic (Egypt) area as seen from the Gemini 12 spacecraft during its 39th revolution of the earth, looking sourtheast. Nile river is in center of picture. At bottom center is Sinai Peninsula. Arabian Peninsula is at lower left. Large body of water is Red Sea. Gulf of Aqaba is on east side of Sinai Peninsula. Gulf of Suez separates Sinai from Egyptian mainland.

Photo ID: sat64
An excellent panoramic view of the entire Sinai Peninsula (29.0N, 34.0E) and the nearby Nile River Delta and eastern Mediterranean coastal region. The Suez Canal, at the top of the scene just to the right of the Delta, connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez on the west side of the Sinai Peninsula and the Gulf of Aqaba is on the west where they both flow into the Red Sea. At upper right, is the Dead Sea, Jordan River and Lake Tiberius.